Local arts and crafts – at Blackthorn and Willow we stock the work of skilled and talented craftspeople and artists:

Ceramics, pottery and glass:  Alison Hanvey; Ciaran Headley, Alan McCluney (Down Pottery);  Leona Devine, Scott Benefield, Yellow Flower Crafts

Woodturning and carving:  Gordon McAllen (Softash Wood Crafts); Ken Andrews; Colville Elliott

Basket making: Alison Fitzgerald (Greenwood Baskets); Penny McBride.

Textiles:  Shelley Steele (Felting Crazy); Janet McNamee (Jupiter Red);  Attracta McKinley, Sinead Black.

Fine art:  Jacky Geary; Rosalind Fair; Penny McBride;  Harriet Joan Gibson, Damien Maddalena.

We also keep a range of both new and second-hand books on baking, cooking, wildlife and of local and general interest including a selection written by local authors, as well as an interesting selection of fiction.