Sweet Things

We are pleased to be stocking a range of fantastic handmade chocolate from Belfast-based company NI CHO. They produce chocolate with differing proportions of cocoa content with cocoa beans from all over the world – we have 37% bars (milk chocolate) made from Indonesian beans; 48% bars from Costa Rica; 82% from Peru up to a strong 91% made from Ecuadorian beans.  In addition we keep another range of their chocolate – Rose & Pistachio, Fruit & Nut, Pecan, Ginger – where the added ingredients are attractively pressed into the surface of the chocolate.

   In this photo you can also see, next to the chocolate bars, some of the Sea Sugar range of sweets. These sweets are made from natural – and delicious – ingredients: Lemon & Elderflower; Lime & Mint; Rhubarb & Vanilla; Apple, Pear & Ginger … and more.

We have also started to stock the ‘infusion’ range of shortbread from Holmes of Craigavon. These are really nice shortbreads that are flavoured – or infused with – with different fruits, herbs and spices: we have Blackberry; Blueberry & Apple; Ginger; Camomile & Spiced Apple; Pomegranate & Raspberry, and Lemon & Ginger.

 Talking of sweet things – after looking around for quite some time we finally managed to source some honey; we are delighted to now be stocking honey from Bellaghy.

And, as we are halfway through November, we are now beginning to keep some special items for Christmas – we have traditional little Christmas puddings from Holmes, while mince pies have been added to the choice of a snacks that we have on offer with tea or coffee in ‘the old bar’. 

Of course all of the foods that we keep here, as well as the lovely craft items, would make great gifts.